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Economic Development Specialist

Organization: City of Tempe
City: Tempe
Location: Arizona
Date Posted: March 22, 2024
Country: United States of America
Primary Category: Economic Development
Type of Position: Full Time

Description & Details

Job Description

The Economic Development Specialist will coordinate, direct, and implement programs and projects that support a broad range of economic development initiatives and projects.

Essential Job Functions

To actively support and uphold the City’s stated mission and values. To coordinate, direct, and implement programs and projects that support a broad range of economic development initiatives and projects including business attraction of new commercial, office, and industrial development; workforce development; small business development initiatives; and/or other economic development, redevelopment or capital improvement programs or projects. Work is oriented either toward short-term or multi-year projects.

Other Duties As Assigned

  • Performs economic development and support work to implement the City’s ongoing policy of broadening its retail, commercial, and industrial base through planning, research, and marketing efforts to attract new industries and businesses to the City and assist existing ones to expand.
  • Coordinates and/or participates in the gathering of data on economic and fiscal trends, land, buildings, infrastructure, tourism issues, workforce and labor and contributes to the collection and creation of department research reports and performance measurements.
  • Develops, implements, monitors and reports on progress for programs under area of assigned focus within the department’s economic development annual plan and strategic plan.
  • Monitors contracts and, if necessary, identifies issues and suggest possible remedies.
  • Promotes the advantages of Tempe as a location for immediate or future development or expansion and serves as an advocate for local existing business.
  • Supports program manager as assigned in program execution for area of specialty.
  • Assists potential new businesses in site analysis, including demographic, tax, fee, development, and related information including securing City approvals or in working out any other problems involved with relocation or expansion.
  • Travel to development sites throughout the city; meeting clients; attending local, regional and national events to promote new business interest in Tempe.
  • Investigates business complaints and concerns, forwards the information to the appropriate division and tracks follow-up with staff to ensure resolution.
  • Makes recommendations as a member of the department team on needed changes to policies and procedures to improve service delivery.
  • Assists in the development and coordination of information regarding the existing businesses within the community; prepares a continuing evaluation of trends in employment, income, housing, population or other issues as related to focus area.
  • Assists in the development and coordination of programs, research and activities designed to contribute to the redevelopment or revitalization of targeted areas of the community.
  • Prepares correspondence, management reports and assists in preparing staff reports.
  • Participates in the evaluation of real estate investment projects as well as business assistance, business retention, and expansion plans.
  • Performs economic development ombudsman duties with City Departments on behalf of private developers.
  • Works with citizen committees, special interest groups, non-profit organizations, and neighborhood groups concerning economic development issues and problems.
  • Perform related duties as assigned.

Minimum Requirements

Work Experience:

Requires three (3) years of experience in economic development environment, commercial leasing, real estate contract negotiation, business assistance, marketing, financial feasibility / economic impact analysis or a directly related field preferably in a municipal setting.

Candidates must have the minimum amount of work experience. Years of experience are based upon a full-time work schedule (2,080 hours per year).  The sum of an applicant’s full-time and/or part-time qualifying work experience must meet or exceed the stated minimum qualification. Education will not substitute for the required work experience; however, related unpaid and/or volunteer work experience may be used as qualifying work experience.


Requires the equivalent to a bachelor’s degree in economic development, urban planning, public administration, business administration, or a degree related to the core functions of the position.

The term “equivalent” means that directly related work experience exceeding the required work experience will substitute in equal time increments for college-level education, for example: one year of additional directly related work experience will substitute for one year of college education (30 credit hours).

Certifications, Licenses, and/or Registrations:

  • Possession of a valid driver’s license.


Applicants considered for this job classification must pass the following:

  • Criminal history background investigation

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