Elected Official Training

Training Overview

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT MADE EASY is a phrase that’s frequently used but widely misunderstood. Everyone supports it, but can anyone really explain how it happens?

An economic developer can – and we’re happy to share some details. We’d like to walk you through the way we work with elected officials, business leaders, and other local partners to make our community more attractive to businesses.

This series isn’t designed to provide a one-size-fits-all solution to economic development or transform elected officials into economic development experts. The goal is instead to identify fundamental ways elected officials can become informed and strategic decision-makers who can be effective communicators and take a leadership role in economic development. Elected officials should actively support and participate in the development of long-term economic development strategies that make sense for their communities.

As an elected official, you make decisions every day that impact the future of your community. This is particularly true in today’s rapidly changing economic environment. This training series covers basic economic development issues affecting Arizona towns, cities, and counties.

Local Elected Officials Will Also Learn:

  • How to engage in on critical issues in the context of today’s economy
  • How to demonstrate the value of economic development professionals to the community
  • How Government Officials can support of Economic Developers and their communities
  • What Challenges We Face in Economic Development – how they can help remove them