Networking Opportunities

Working on an AAED committee is one of the best ways to network with statewide economic developers and private sector innovators. With 15 committees, there are opportunities for all skill sets and backgrounds to connect.

AAED Committee Opportunities

View the list of AAED committees, along with the Fall 2023 committee meeting schedule.

AAED Committee Chairs

See below for the current list of AAED committees and committee chairs.

Awards Banquet
Chair: Jamie Schindeldecker
Vice Chair: Anne Elizabeth Hamilton

Chair: Marc Valenzuela, AZED Pro
Vice Chair: Jeanine Jerkovic, CEcD

Emerging Leaders
Chair: Ashley Mazariegos, AZED Pro
Vice Chair: Ryan Wissmann, AZED Pro
2nd Vice Chair: Amber Knapp

Chair: Matt Avila
Vice Chair: Mackenzie Haehl
2nd Vice Chair: Francesca Miller, AZED Pro

Fall Forum
Chair: Melissa Johnson, AZED Pro
Vice Chair: Stephanie Maack, AZED Pro
2nd Vice Chair: Steven Cramer

Chair: Crystal Pierce

Governmental Affairs
Chair: Mark Mitchell

Membership Engagement
Chair: Chad Schleicher
Vice Chair: Rabbanni FurQaan

Chair: Cutter Chamberlain, AZED Pro
Vice Chair: Ann Steward, AZED Pro

Professional Education
Chair: Nancy Sanders, AZED Pro
Vice Chair: Jeffrey Robbins, CEcD

Chair: Tami Ursenbach, AZED Pro
Vice Chair: Tom Pitts

Chair: Danny Smith
Vice Chair: Chase Farnsworth

Spring Conference
Chair: Kristen Howard
Vice Chair: Richard Wilkie, CEcD, AZED Pro
2nd Vice Chair: Ryan Jones

Chair: Jon Canyon

Chair: Heath Anderson, AZED Pro
Vice Chair: Rabbanni FurQaan