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Director of Economic Development

Organization: San Xavier District
City: Tucson
Location: Arizona
Date Posted: October 11, 2023
Country: United States of America
Primary Category: Economic Development
Type of Position: Full Time

Description & Details

Description & Details
This job description serves as a guide for establishing the criteria to fill a specific function or appraise the performance level related to that function. In its sole discretion, the District may choose to fill this function by contracting with individuals or corporate entities rather than hiring a staff member. The job duties referenced here are examples and may change from time to time.

  1. Job Summary
    1. Salaried, exempt, full-time, non-supervisory
    2. The Director of Economic Development –
      1. is a professional position where a professional demeanor, handling confidential information, and sound judgment are required.
      2. manages small- and large-scale, short- and long-range economic development planning and activities for the San Xavier District (SXD), including one or more of the following functional activities: Business Grants, Business Education, Long Range Economic Development Planning, and Infrastructure Development.
    3. Supervised by the Director of Administration.
    4. Salary Range – E4
  2. Responsibilities
    1. Essential Duties
      1. Acknowledges and greets all visitors, District managers and supervisors, and employees politely and professionally.
      2. Participates in creating and implementing the District’s Economic Development Plan, with the participation of Administration, SXD Departments, Community, and District Council.
      3. Negotiates and enforces lease agreements for the shops within the SX Arts & Crafts Plaza, manages facilities, and provides economic development opportunities for Native American entrepreneurs while promoting community involvement.
      4. Networks resources from external financial institutes that could help match SXD and its community members with funding opportunities for business concepts.
      5. Works with the Grants Writer/Manager to find funding opportunities.
      6. Analyzes District resources and uses judgement of how the District could utilize these resources to create economic vitality.
      7. Manages and administers assigned economic development programs per the District and Nation’s regulations, policies and procedures, and outside funding agencies’ requirements.
      8. Develops, implements, and manages programs that support long-range economic development.
      9. Provides continual outreach to District community members to assess skills and resources for personal business ideas.
      10. Assists in developing economic development programs for District community
      11. Establishes and maintains effective communication channels and working relationships with the Community, District Council, Economic Development Task Force, other Tribal Nations, and other governmental agencies.
      12. Develops outside funding such as grants, loans, and other governmental and private funding.
      13. Ensures that District programs qualify for participation in federal, state, or private programs that support its economic development goals.
      14. Researches and reviews professional publications, establishes networks, participates in professional societies, and confers with contracting agencies and related organizations representatives.
      15. Appraises District Administration of project progression and provides information needed in decision making.
      16. Presents updates to the District Council, Community, and external agencies when needed.
      17. Prepares and submits quarterly written reports and annual departmental budget to the Director of Administration and presents to the District Council, Council Committee(s), and the Community when requested.
      18. Builds and maintains working relationships with internal and external entities.
      19. Attends and participates in Managers, All-Staff, and job-related meetings and trainings.
      20. Maintains confidentiality of all sensitive information.
      21. Performs other duties as assigned by Administration and executes other responsibilities and projects as necessary.
  1. Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
    1. Knowledge of –
      1. applicable federal, state, tribal laws, regulations, and requirements relating to economic development.
      2. concepts and issues on economic development preferred.
      3. general business operations, accounting, finance, and budgeting.
      4. business planning, marketing concepts, practices, and methods.
      5. public facility planning and development.
      6. effective principles and practices of management.
      7. San Xavier District’s governmental operations.
      8. applicable federal, local tribal laws, regulations, and requirements.
    2. Ability to –
      1. coordinate projects with subordinate staff and perform as a mentor and coach using the concept of teamwork.
      2. adapt to change(s).
      3. create budgets.
      4. assign, train, supervise, and evaluate the work of others.
      5. travel, and work flexible hours, attending occasional evening and weekend meetings.
      6. get along with diverse personalities.
      7. prioritize workload and meet deadlines.
      8. develop and maintain good working relationships with District staff, visitors, Council, Community, and outside agencies.
    3. Skilled in –
      1. detecting and correcting discrepancies in construction and installation methods, processes, plans, and materials.
      2. problem-solving management.
      3. strong, effective leadership and supervisory skills.
      4. computer skills and competent in Microsoft Office, Word, Excel, and Outlook.
      5. effective verbal and written communication.
      6. Performs other jobs related duties as assigned and contributes to a team effort.
  1. Qualifications
    1. Bachelor’s Degree in Business or Public Administration or closely related field.
    2. Three (3) years of work experience in economic development and new business planning, or a combination of training and education, which demonstrates the ability to perform this position’s duties and responsibilities.
    3. Valid AZ Driver’s License with no DUI’s or major traffic citations within the last three (3) years.
    4. Bi-lingual – O’odham/English

Per the Indian Preference Act (Title 25, US Code, Section 472 & 473), the San Xavier District gives preference when filling vacancies to (in sequential order):

  1. Enrolled members of the San Xavier District,
  2. Enrolled members of the Tohono O’odham Nation
  3. Enrolled members of other nations or tribes
  4. All other qualified candidates.

San Xavier District is committed to providing Equal Employment Opportunities.

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How to Apply / Contact

Submit the following to the San Xavier District HR office:

  • Completed San Xavier District employment application with original signature.
  • Three (3) reference letters, dated within one year of the current date.
  • Copy of HS diploma/GED and/or Degrees/Certificates.
  • Copy of Tribal Enrollment Card or Certificate, if claiming Native American Preference.
  • Copy of Driver’s License.
  • 39-mo Motor Vehicle Record (MVR).

To apply by fax or regular mail, please send your Application to:

San Xavier District
Attn: Human Resources Department
2018 W. San Xavier Road
Tucson, AZ 85746

Email Human Resources

Phone 520-573-4000 Fax 520-807-8675